Steak, Crab, Muscles, and Smashed Potatoes Dinner

{ Posted on 11:50 PM by JR Erickson }
We went to Brighton marina to do some crab'n this morning, and we brought back some delicious dungeness male crabs.  Rebecca is doing a blog for a company about the steak, and crab and she hired me to take the photos of the dinner we made.  It looked amazing, and it tasted even better.  I have never liked crab, and I opened my mind to trying it again, and it tasted great.  The crab I have eaten before was never fresh, and it was usually too fishy, or crabby smelling.  I cracked it open, and gave it a taste even without butter and it was amazing.  I still like crab better, but I was impressed.  Rebecca is a food stylist, and she does a fantastic job at preparing food to get it camera ready for all types of media.  This was our last night here on the Oregon Coast and I think we are all sad it's over, but also excited to get back home to our regular routines.

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