Testing my iPhone voice recorder aplication

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This is only a test
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Builder Inventory in Ada County. Price Per Sq Ft, Avg Price, Total Listings, Avg Sq Ft Built

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The Total number of Units (New Construction) in Ada County as of today is 851.  I reported on the first of the month they were around 864. 
We continue to shed inventory, and the sales are still looking good.  New Ada County Market Report is coming out next 
week.  Stay tuned!

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New updated "Notice of Default" and "Notice of Sale" Charts Available to view for Ada County

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The new numbers have come out, and the Charts are available to view.  Just click the links below to see the live Charts.  This data is updated on a weekly basis.  

If you have any comments, please let me know.

Jeremy E

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New Construction Market Report in online Spread Sheet format. View it like an excel spreadsheet online!

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This picture is a snapshot of the online spreadsheet that I have created.  Make sure you click on the Market report Spread Sheet link to see
the live form.  When you get to the web page, you will be able to navigate through the different sheets of information from the top.  Make sure you 
look at all the spread sheets so you can see all the info.  As soon as the month is gone, I will be preparing the new Market report for August.  Stay Tuned!

Here is the link again:

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You have to check this 750Li BMW out, This car is Amazing!

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Notice of Sale tracking for Ada County over the past month

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This is the new Chart that I created to track the official Notices of Sale coming from Ada county.  
You can go to the live document here.  Just click the link below, or go to AdacountyMarketReport.com 
and click the link (Ada County "Notice of Sale" Tracking).

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Ada County Notice of Sale for Week of July 14th-20th 2009

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This Document shows the properties and owners that have just received the "Notice of Sale" recording in Ada County Recorders office.  

They will be sold at the future date listed.  Stay tuned for trend tracking charts and graphs from AdaCountyMarketReport.com

Jeremy E

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Updated Notice of Defaults for Ada County, They have climbed from 116 to 142 this last week!

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Default list just came out today, and the defaults took a big jump this last week up to 142 from 116 the week previous.
We will continue to watch this trend, and keep you posted.   You can also click here to see the full chart in web format.

Here is the Link:

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Market Report 7/20/09 from Terry Heffner

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Check out this market Report, there are some indicators that are good to follow.

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Amazing backyard on this Listing at 7619 W Bearcreek Ct. Boise Id 83704

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