JR at the Bike Park

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Elvis Pharaoh

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Sam plays the Elvis Pharaoh in Joseph the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat show for Timberline High school.  Good Job Sambone!


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Spurwing Greens Community Tour in less than 5 mins!

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I drove through the entire community, viewing every home (might have missed one on the corner).  Check it out for yourself.  I just saved you a bunch of time and gas!


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JR's Art Portfolio 2-20-2012

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JR's lastest drawings added to his portfolio.  Raymond has always been labeled as the artist of the family, but we can't forget JR and his sweet skills.  I have got a couple of artists in the fold.  I love digitizing them so I can preserve and share them with family.

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Owen joined the dark side of the force

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Owens new name is Barf Maul.


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Jake and Whitney's birthday 1-31-2012

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