Bayocean Rocks

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We have been driving by these rocks everyday since we have been here, and the rain finally broke so I could get out my nikon to take some photos.  The sun was not shining, but at least the rain drops stopped for a minute.  I used aperture with photomatix hdr plugin to edit these photos.  I still have a lot to learn, but I'm getting better at it.  

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More Rocks, More Rain

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Can't stop the rain from falling down... More rocks

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Entering Tsunami Hazard Zone

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I was driving down to the local grocery store, and on the way I noticed this sign. This is actually the sign we see when we first come into the little town that we are staying in. I'm so glad they are warning us, because if a 25 foot wall of water comes crashing into the beach house I wont be wondering where the water is coming from. They actually have little signs showing you the way for tsunami escape routes.... can you imagine during a tsunami,, "ok honey.. where is that tsunami sign at again?" I don't think I need signs, I am going in a straight line in my suburban full throttle to the nearest mountain. I will take out houses, fences, cows, or whatever lies between me and being king of the hill.

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Cannon Beach Area

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We went on an adventure up north today to Seaside Oregon, about 40 miles North of Rockaway Beach. It has been raining for two days. I haven't been able to take any cool photos of the outside landscapes because the rain is so bad. I stopped on the way back from Seaside and decided to take a few photos even though the rain was coming down. Such a beautiful area, close to Haystack Hill State Park. I used my iPhone with my cool HDR app. Check them out.

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Air Museum in Tillamook Oregon

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We took a drive out to the Air Museum just south of Tillamook Oregon. The hanger was built in 1942, and it housed 4 blimps that were used to patrol the Oregon Coast just in case we had some submarine attacks during world war 2. There was a ton of cool old planes in the hanger, and there was a big fat plane that had Erickson printed on the side. The boys had a great time. Check out some of the planes, they are way cool.

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Beach House

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Eating Coco Puffs with a View

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I know I have posted a lot of stuff today on our little family getaway, but I love digitizing the world, and leaving some lasting memories. From the main room of the beach house on the second floor we have a perfect view of the ocean. Open beams with glass walls on the west and south side of the house. The house has been updated on the inside with granite slab, and tile flooring. There is some high end Wolf gas range, and sub zero fridge (which is actually not keeping the food that cold). Here are a couple of shots of the upper level.
Any yes, I did have some coco puffs this morning with a couple of Oreo cookies on the side. Breakfast of champions!

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Optimus Prime

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Cypress in Spurwing Greens

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Went out to Spurwing Greens to check on some of the Blackstead Models progress.  The Cypress is looking good!  We will have furniture very soon.  Little Rain tonight, but I was still able to pull a few cool shots of the outside.

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