Thank you Coach Lee Leslie

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I came to BK football because some friends referred me to the summer camps. I thought that it would be a great place for my son to start his optimist season.  As I watched my son, and the coaches and how they interacted with the boys, I was amazed.  I especially was amazed by how great a teacher Coach Leslie was, and for the lessons he taught my son.  I shot video of him speaking to the boys, and his words were inspirational to me, and my son looked up to him.  When Lew asked me to come back and shoot more video it was easy for me to say yes, I was excited to be around the program.  I was drawn to the program because of the Coaches, Especially Lee and Lew.  I wanted to share my views of how I saw Lee, and what kind of person he was, and continues to be in my eyes.  I have tons of film of Lee, and I extracted a few clips that I thought were very inspirational.  He is a man of faith, and a giant among me.  He was not only the coach of BK, but he was a coach to me too.  Thanks Lee for all you have done, and your example to me and my son.

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