Yo Santa... Slammin down your big red bag!

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Yo Santa by The Ericksons  
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Ho Ho said the Jolly fat man, I am here to rock your band stand, coming from the north on my big red sleigh, rocking your house one christmas day!...
Jingle Jangle bells I'm ringing got more than rhymes than I bringing. down the chimney do my funky dance know, shaking my booty in my big red pants now!
On the roof I got my reindeer posse, don't like it when I get to bossy, look around and what do I see, round eyes peaking out at me!
You better be in your bed, if your not I will thump your head, slamming down my big red bag, no toys for you scalawags....scalawags.....scalawags!

Music by Brandon Erickson
lyrics by: Brandon Erickson & Jeremy Erickson

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